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  • Wish You Were Here Book
  • Wish You Were Here Book
  • Wish You Were Here Book
  • Wish You Were Here Book

Wish You Were Here Book

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Elizabeth Hudson's editorials have become the first feature piece Our State subscribers read. She touches our hearts, makes us laugh, and helps us reflect on the past. Elizabeth's columns from the past four years are published in this sweet little book. Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera's charming illustrations capture the stories perfectly and make Elizabeth's musings even more special.

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  • Pages: 96
  • Paperback
  • Our State exclusive

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Erika Meekins
Little Book Big Memories

I just received this sweet little book in the mail, getting a jump start on my Christmas list. Since it came without being wrapped, I decided to take a peek, haven’t been able to put it down! Having recently lost my dad, the stories have conjured up some wonderful memories of my own.

Martha M. Rollefson
Great stories, tiny print

Same review as for "You Make My Heart Sing": I had purchased one of these booklets a while back, enjoyed it, and passed it on to the Council on Aging to sell. Then I realized that these essays are PERFECT for "story time" with some of the elderly folks I know at a local senior living center where a 96-year-old former neighbor abides, so I bought it again.

Each "story" is just the right length, and fully self-enclosed, so even those with limited attention spans can follow the thought and feel satisfied at the end. Each story has just the right amount of nostalgia, whimsy, and sweetness to spark pleasant memories for those who still have them, pleasant feelings for all. And each story offers visualizations that serve as reminders of past happiness that can be shared in conversation, so important to this age group. It has been a joy reading these stories aloud to people so delighted for a pleasant break in their long, quiet days.
My only issue with these booklets is that the print is so small, it would be impossible for most of them to read (and not all that easy for me at 67). Of course the small print makes the booklet size very manageable.
I look forward every month to Elizabeth's opening in the Our State magazine, and I look forward to each of the new-to-me stories from past editions as I share them with friends.

Linda Waller
Wish you were here

Wonderful essays...brings back childhood memories

Pat Shi
Wish You Were Here

After seeing Wish You Were Here in the dentist’s office, I came home and ordered 6 to share. Each recipient has expressed appreciation and MUCH enjoyment!!

Little Book

Great little book of stories.